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pitch and peaks is a premium music production and composition service.

We specialize in
cinematic custom music for advertising, film and more,
meeting the ever-increasing demand for
tailor-made storytelling,

Collaborating with top music producers and orchestras around the world,
we bring versatility and years of world-class experience to any project.

We help brands, filmmakers and content creators to stand out,
shape new musical ideas, and bring their stories to life.

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Founded by award-winning composer Steffen Thum
pitch and peaks is an all-new music production service specializing in high quality original music for film, TV, games and advertising.

Steffen's music can be heard in over 70 international productions,
ranging from intimate short films to Hollywood blockbusters like
Top Gun: Maverick, Marvel's Black Widow, Ad Astra and Mission Impossible: Fallout.

He worked closely with
Hans Zimmer, Lorne Balfe and Rupert Gregson-Williams, and scored commercials for Mercedes, Volkswagen and PFG.
(For more credits, click here.)

Steffen and his team understand what it means to deliver uncompromising quality on tight schedules. With an infectious passion for powerful storytelling and close collaboration, we help bring your story to life.

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"Steffen Thum is a complete pro.

I’ve observed his work, which is not only to the highest standard but original and emotionally deep. He’s much faster than me and still maintains a quality and an elegance to his music that is really quite singular."

Hans Zimmer, Composer

"It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with Steffen.

His voice through music and his rich spectrum of influences allows him to create so many different soundscapes and emotional tonalities."

Jacob Rosenberg, Director

"Steffen can adapt to any music style, delivering superb modern music scores that are both creative and unique, with his own inimitable style. Always a great pleasure to work with!"

Matt Routledge, Director

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